How to Make Your Reader Feel – Writer Advice

Writing is an art that takes you on a journey of feelings and emotions. Best writers are those who take their readers on the same flight with them through their words. The passage of the readers can be different according to their life experiences. Some people may have gone through some incidents of the journey. Whereas some might not have experienced those incidents ever and are witnessing them through your work. So, as a writer, you should not always force your perspective wholly, on situations that arise during the story. Try to leave something on the readers to figure out according to their view.

Many people confuse feeling and emotion in the same things. Feeling and emotion are not entirely different from each other, but they’re not the same things. Feeling is a more advanced version of emotion. It is more refined and habituated than emotion. People are more familiar with feeling than emotion, and they can experience a feeling if they want. But emotion is a surprise, rawer, and can’t be experienced whenever the person wants to. Writers as well as poets should be able to evoke both emotion and feeling whenever the situation demands.


Emotion comes from an unexpected action while reading the book. The surprise is an integral part of evoking emotion in your reader. If the activities of the characters are in line with what the reader is expecting him to do, then it won’t bring out the emotions as effectively as a good writer should. We all experience different kinds of emotions in our lives in different situations. So, readers would experience the emotions while reading if the characters and their actions are closer to real life.

To generate surprise, a writer needs to use the technique of misdirection. You have to direct the reader’s mind to a different result than the actual result. Create situations which leads the readers to anticipate multiple outcomes. You can also use the technique of misdirecting the readers through fallacy. In this technique, you manipulate the readers to read the situation differently than what it is. You can also use fallacy technique with the characters. Another method of misdirecting is through the characters. Make the readers get too attached to one of the characters so that he overlooks other actions of the other characters.


A feeling comes from introspection, so a writer needs to create characters and situations with which the readers can relate, to make the readers introspect. Another aspect of make the readers feel is the attachment to the characters. If a person doesn’t feel attached, he won’t feel anything about the happiness or sadness of the characters. Attachment is the basic rule of writing to evoke feeling. It is not about making the readers feel what their favourite characters feel. It’s about making them feel something about the situation of the characters, which may not be the same as the character’s feeling. The most important aspect of feeling is the aspect of realness. If the readers think that the character is not reacting in the way that an average person would, they’ll not feel the pain or happiness related to it.