How to Plan a Workshop for Writers

Writing is something that you do when you’re on your own and not with others. But there are a lot of writers that don’t want to be writing alone all day every day at their desks as they type away on their keyboards. Many writers want to become a member of a writer group so they can find friends and receive feedback. When you are thinking about those things, then that is the point where starting a writer workshop will become useful. You’re probably wondering how a writer group is created. You might want to know how to get a writing group started and where to find the members to join the group. If you want to start a writing group, then keep reading this article.

How You Can Start Your Own Writing Workshop

The first thing you should do is think about what your group will be about mainly. Is the group going to be tightly knit to each other and meet up with each other every week? Or will the group be a large one that isn’t that close to each other and meet up with everyone a few times a month? The next thing to do is choose the genre of writing that your group will revolve around. Majority of writing groups are ones that focus on one type of writing. If you’re a writer that only writes about romance, then you should get your workshop to focus on only romance writers. However, if you like writing about a variety of genres, then your workshop can focus on all genres.

  • An essential part of a writing workshop has members. So, you’ll have to find members that are eager to write and discuss writing with each other. You can try and use online services to find members for your workshop. There are many online websites and such where you can set up a listing for looking for members. If you want to avoid asking for members online, then you can go down the traditional route by putting up posters around your town.
  • Another vital thing that you should look for is somewhere you can meet with your group. If you inquire with a local library, they may have rooms where you can hold meetings. You can also hold meetings in restaurants and cafes, but it’s better if it isn’t crowded or noisy. Try to look around and search for potential meeting places and make sure the location is perfect for you. You may call some people that you know and see if they know somewhere that you can hold meetings for your workshop. Your house can also be an excellent meeting place, but you shouldn’t be letting strangers into your home. So, if you’re close enough with the members of the workshop, then your house will be a great place to meet with each other.
  • You may think that starting your writing workshop is something that’ll take too much time and effort. But you have to stay determined and do it correctly. It could take you a few months to have members that regularly attend the writing workshop, but you shouldn’t lose hope. When your writing workshop starts to gain traction, then you’ll have a fantastic experience. You’ll get to make friends and receive essential feedback on your writing. It’ll keep you going out there and socializing instead of shutting yourself indoors and writing all the time.