Starting a Writer’s Club – What you Need to Know

Writer's Club

A writing group is an excellent way to find other writers whom you can share your ideas. But you shouldn’t start one unless there aren’t any that you can quickly join. It is more challenging to start a group than it is to join one. If you’re feeling brave or stubborn, then give it a shot. Here is what you need to know about starting a writing club and how you can effectively run one.

Help fellow writers

Getting help is the reason some people get into writing groups. That means you need to help your fellow writers if you start a writing group. If you don’t know how you can help other writers, keep reading. You can try to help other writers by telling them how to improve their writing style. You can also try and network with writers, build the platform you have online, or help you cope when you get rejected. You can do many things to help other writers, but keep in mind that helping other writers is mandatory in a writing group.

Have a presence that’s offline and online

A writing group is great if you can talk to your group members offline and online. Using the internet is excellent for communicating since you can easily connect to others. You could quickly meet other people by having a blog. But the downside of the internet is that it’s challenging to build a relationship that’s meaningful if you don’t meet in real life. As a leader of a group, you’ll have to connect your members offline, so try to attend conferences and workshops related to writing.

Host a party now and again

You should throw a party for your writing group sometimes, and you can turn it into a workshop. A group of people gathering to a celebration of their passion is a marvelous idea. An example idea is that you could have a writing feast that occurs monthly. The writing feast is where you get a large amount of food, then invite your writing group members to your home, and that’s when you have your party. You could then talk about writing and discuss the art of writing.

Don’t lose consistency

If you’re a writer, you most likely know that you aren’t consistent all the time. You prefer to write when you feel like writing, and meeting up with others only when you want to meet up with them too. If you want your group to build up, then you’ll have to meet with each other consistently. You will have to develop a routine or schedule with your group. It takes a significant amount of time to build a writing group, so you have to be consistent and show up all the time. If you don’t show up, no one else will show up.

Be positive when you critique

Getting comments and suggestions about their writing is one of the biggest reasons people want to be in a writing club. There’s a way to be helpful and a way to be unhelpful when you give a critique. The mind of a human is a mind that tends to focus on flaws, so when you’re critiquing someone’s work, make sure to focus on the positive things about it. You should be trying to praise their work instead of saying it isn’t good outright. It’s more motivating when someone compliments your work, so you should motivate your group members by appreciating their work.