The Man Behind The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is among the most loved and popular novelists of this generation when it comes to love and heartbreak stories. He has written over 20 books, most of which have gone on to become international bestsellers. Some of his stories have also made it to the big screen from the pages of his novels. The movies have done exceptionally well, both critically and financially.


Nicholas Sparks came into this world on 31st December 1965, in the city of Omaha, Nebraska. His father worked as a professor, and his mother a housewife. Most of his childhood was spent in moving around different parts of the country because of his father’s work. Finally, after living in many cities around America, his family settled in Oaks, California. Nicholas’s family was not very affluent but earned enough to feed everyone in the family comfortably. Talking about his childhood during different interviews, Nicholas has always maintained that he had a wonderful childhood, and would love to live it again as it is. After school, Nicholas got into Notre Dame University in Indiana. In college, he made it to the college’s relay team and did well on track, but a significant injury halted his Athletics career.

Early Career

During the recovery process of his injury, Nicholas developed the love for writing. He completed his first book at this time, but the book never got published. After recovering from the injury, his life came back to normal, and he completed his graduation in 1988. During one of the spring breaks, he met the love of his life, Catherine Cote. They both got married in 1989 and decided to move to the city of Sacramento in California.

Nicholas had to work as a waiter, telemarketer, and real estate agent to feed his family, and continued to focus on writing. His second novel also could not find a publisher. He changed many professions during this time but never gave up on writing. His dedication and persistence towards writing finally turned into some success when his book written alongside an Olympian friend found the shelves of book stores. The book titled Wokini did moderately well, but Nicholas was getting a bit frustrated as he was not able to find significant success.


Nicholas gave himself a final chance in 1994, and if nothing career-defining happened, he’d leave writing. In 1995, this struggling writer came out with ‘The Notebook,’ which changed everything in his life. The book turned out to be a humongous success, which also handed him a one million dollars contract for the movie rights of the book. Nicholas never looked back after ‘The Notebook’ and kept churning out bestsellers after bestsellers. Hollywood producers also kept a constant eye on his books and made a few of them into movies.

Nicholas Sparks
Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas also does a lot of philanthropic work. He helps the budding writers in the form of scholarships and internships. He also has a foundation which allows students from all over the world experience different education systems and cultures in the world.