The Queen of Mystery and Suspense From Carolina – Margaret Maron

Margaret Maron

The entire perception of regional mystery was changed the day that Margaret Maron released her first mystery novel in 1992, entitled the Bootlegger’s daughter. The book showcases the changes in North Carolina and how it created a new perception of the state. Maron is known for writing novels that touch into topics like issues with race, migrant laboring and politics. Her love for her state becomes a written word through her stories. Any concerns she has for her state, she showcases in her books. The change and influence of technology in the state from a time when agriculture was predominant has created some distress amongst the people as the rural countrysides have been demolished to give way to new developments and stores. The change has not been a structured growth and has been addressed by Maron in her books.

There’s More to The Mystery

While mystery and suspense have been the central core subject of the creations of Maron, there is a deeper meaning to her writings. The novels have encouraged readers to dive their own cities and states to see the changes that have been influenced by urbanization and political upheaval. Her books are a fantasy land where the reader is transported to an alternative state where they understand the importance of the city and state in character molding. Her approach to small towns is not, by any means, humble. She shows that the grandeur and the influences that a small town has can rival and the entire state as well.

Margaret grew up in a home where she was the only child but was always surrounded by cousins and family members. Her main character in the Bootlegger’s daughter, Deborah Knott, was the closest portrayal to her own personality. She was able to relate to the character when she formulated her role. The closeness she shared with her parents, growing up in a large family and the family issues that the character Deborah has is very similar to that of Maron. The book is a prized creation that Maron holds dear. It is also the only novel out of the 26 she has written that has scored an Edgar award, The Anthony Award, the Agatha Award, and Macavity award; all for the best novel.

The Accolades

While the primary intention that Maron has had toward writing novels is self-expression, she is one that the state of Carolina holds very dear for her creation. The influence that she has had on her readers locally, regionally, and internationally is an accurate portrayal of her vision for her readers. She has always written books to influence thinking patterns in her readers positively. The success and recognition that came with the readership have only encouraged Maron to continue her musings.

  • Out of the other awards that Maron has won, the prestigious Sir Water Raleigh Awards in 2004 honored her with the title of the best North Carolina novelist of the year
  • The prize for literature was given to her in 2008 by North Carolina Awards. This is the highest civilian award anyone can get in the state.
  • She is also known to be one of the 100 greatest Mystery genre writers in all of America.
Margaret Maron
Margaret Maron