Understanding and Learning from Mistakes You Make When Writing


Many experiences in life tell us that life and ourselves are not perfect. People are flawed beings, imperfect, and therefore, make mistakes. However, the most important thing to remember despite this is that everyone can learn from their mistakes. Making mistakes is an opportunity to learn more about oneself, reflect on the experience, and gain wisdom that can be used for later on life. The same could be said about writing, and there is no perfect writer that never commits any mistake – from the misunderstanding of a topic down to the smallest punctuation error. Even successful, well-published writers have made mistakes along the way. One great way to improve one’s own writing is to seek advice from an experienced writer – someone who grew in skill and knowledge while making mistakes.

Realize that Mistakes are a Part of Life

Making mistakes can cripple anyone, especially writers, by damaging their self-confidence and second-guessing their ability and passion for writing. Getting to know successful writers, may lead aspiring writers to understand that everyone, even the greats, has made past mistakes. Just look at the history of famous writers that have been denied publication several times and have been made to feel and think that their work is a mistake. The failure may be a difficult pill to swallow, but it is a part of life. The most important thing is learn from the lesson of the experience and use it to become a better writer.

Mistakes that will Lead your Forward

Recognize early on that making mistakes can actually propel you to progress even further as a writer. Professional writers can share stories on how their mistakes served as a teacher for them. Mistakes have led them from the path of an amateur writer starting from familiar forms and stories to being someone who can write their own voice and style their personal narratives. Gaining success as a writer is also about attitude. Although it is good to set realistic expectations, being an optimist is invaluable in having the strength to continue in one’s career.

Other People Make Mistakes Too

Interviewing other writers, learning from their mistakes, and getting advice from them on how to overcome mistakes and setbacks are strong foundations for aspiring writers. However, more than getting words for wisdom, learning about others’ mistakes can give confidence as well in the knowledge that everyone started out making a lot of mistakes and facing failures before getting the results that they wanted. The experience is empowering in acknowledging that writers immortalized by their published material are humans who have made and encountered mistakes in their path to success.

Get Back in the Saddle

After being comforted by the fact that everyone makes mistakes and that failures are a critical process to grow and gain confidence, aspiring writers must continue to get back on the saddle. It will be difficult to silence that inner critic that continues to second-guess your dreams and your talents, but one cannot achieve one’s goals without moving forward. If one style of writing did not work, seasoned writers must have thought of coming up with a better one. Successful writers made mistakes and made choices afterward that propelled them to move forward.